Jamie & Stefan on the new collaboration surrounding the Stockholm Open

Stureplansgruppen Event is taking over as new operator of the Stockholm Open from 2020. This is a collaboration which commenced many months ago, and which both Stefan Paymer, CEO of SPG Event, and Jamie Perry, CEO of the Stockholm Open, are very much looking forward to now take from the drawing board to reality.

”It is with great pride that we are taking on the role as new operator of the Stockholm Open from 2020. It is a highly distinguished ATP tournament, with 50 years of fantastic tennis history which we are now going to administer, refine and elevate to new levels! We are calling this process ’Stockholm Open - Next Chapter’” says Stefan Paymer, CEO of SPG Event

For 2020 and the coming years the visitor can expect a number of new features, including the vision to create ”the world's most sustainable sports events”, an updated event layout and a more developed experience as well as range of food and beverages.

”It is time to take the Stockholm Open back as Stockholm's ”top of mind” event. Naturally, the tennis will always be our primary focus and we hope that ’Stockholm Open - next chapter’ will enable us to inspire, engage and rekindle interest in this distinguished and fantastic sport!” Stefan continues.

The decision to have SPG Event take over the baton as operator of the tournament was taken as far back as the end of 2018. After thorough consideration and with reference to three specific areas – economic security and stability, strong organisation and solid knowledge surrounding sales and events operations, as well as a solid commitment and ambition to drive the Stockholm Open forward – the board decided that for the Stockholm Open, SPG Event AB was the strongest and best option to sign an agreement as operator of the Stockholm Open for a 3-5 year period from the beginning of 2020.

”The collaboration with SPG Event feels incredibly exciting. The Stockholm Open celebrated its 50th anniversary during 2018 and we are looking forward to managing the tournament's history at the same time as an injection of creativity and development is needed to drive the tournament on to its 100th anniversary. I have been following SPG Event's positive development over a long period and and, together with Stefan Paymer's team, I am looking forward to delivering a world class Stockholm Open for players, public, media and collaborative partners.” Jamie Perry, CEO of the Stockholm Open